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Rhonexpress airport rail link opens in France


Rhonexpress airport rail link opens in France


The 22km Rhonexpress link between Lyon city centre and Lyons-Saint Exupéry airport in France has been opened to the public. The Rhonexpress link is the first service since Paris to offer train services from a city centre to a major airport. The link will have only four stops including the two end stops ensuring that the distance is covered in less than 30 minutes. The link is designed and built to ensure speeds of 100km/h between Meyzieu and Lyons-Saint Exupery airport.

The construction was carried out under a public-private partnership (PPP) model between the Rhone department and a consortium led by France-based construction major Vinci Concessions. Construction of the link began on 9 October 2008.

The project has been completed at an estimated cost of Euro 120 million (US$157.8 million). It is expected to provide nearly one million passengers a year with high-quality service including information screens announcing flight arrivals and departures, electrical outlets, space for luggage and a conductor on every train to handle passenger queries and sell tickets.


18 August 2010  from :  http://www.passengerterminaltoday.com/news.php?NewsID=24000

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