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Trolleybus network will support new jobs


Trolleybus network will support new jobs

Scheme would help create favourable conditions for business and higher economic output.

8 June 2010   from http://www.wymetro.com/news/releases/100608NGT

Responding to think tank, Centre for Cities’ report calling for the creation of new, private sector jobs in Yorkshire’s cities and towns, Metro Chairman Cllr Ryk Downes has stated that’s exactly what the proposed trolleybus network has been designed to do.

How trolleybuses could look in Leeds“Comprehensive research accepted by the Department for Transport shows that the NGT trolleybus network is expected to mean up to 4,000 new jobs, and £160m per annum benefit for the economy,” he said.

Jobs created constructing network

“This is in addition to the jobs that will be created constructing the trolleybus network, which could be as many as 2,000, and the 250 permanent jobs for people managing and running the system.

“Most of these jobs will be in the private sector and many of the people to fill these jobs are likely to be found across Leeds, West Yorkshire and the wider City Region, so we trust that the Chancellor George Osborne will stick to his pre-election vow to provide funding for the NGT trolleybus system.”

Growth and new jobs

Used throughout the transport industry, the research looks at how schemes such as the NGT trolleybus network can increase employers’ catchment areas for recruitment and improve business-to-business connectivity. These create favourable conditions for business and higher economic output which, in turn, lead to growth and new jobs.

“Both the CBI and the British Chambers of Commerce have stressed the importance to the national economy of investment in transport infrastructure,” continued Cllr Downes. “The NGT trolleybus network will help enable West Yorkshire and the Leeds City Region to fulfil their potential in achieving the UK’s economic recovery.”

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