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Crewe station investment


Press Release from Network Rail

Wednesday 19 May 2010 10:46

While future developments at Crewe’s railway station are still being discussed, Network Rail has given details of two separate schemes worth nearly £3m that will start within a few weeks and give the station a much needed boost.

One scheme will tackle the environment of the ticket hall, concourse and platform level facilities, while the other will concentrate on the station roof.

Jo Kaye, Network Rail’s route director, explained: “We have pledged to work with Cheshire East Council on its long-term vision for Crewe, which will cover the next 20 years. However, we need to do something now that will make the passenger experience of the station better in the immediate future, so together with Virgin Trains, we have come up with a plan to do just that over the next two years.”

Network Rail will re-glaze the roof canopy above the main parts of platforms 5 and 6 (effectively, those parts between the north and south staircases) in a scheme costing nearly £1m. This work will start in the next few weeks and be completed by the end of the year.

The other work will be funded by Network Rail but project managed by Virgin Trains as they are responsible for the management of the station. It will include:-


  • Cleaning of the brickwork to the station buildings on platforms 5 and 6
  • Refurbishment of the ticket hall, to include new flooring, ceilings and wall cladding, plus renewed lighting
  • Improved lighting in the concourse and overbridge leading to the platforms
  • Renewed surfacing on the staircases
  • Refurbishment of the waiting rooms and toilets


Sam Dixon, Virgin Trains Station Manager at Crewe said: “We welcome the short-term plans to improve facilities at Crewe station, which will improve the passenger experience and make the station environment much more welcoming.” 

All the work is expected to be completed by early 2012

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