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Taiwanese driver falls asleep whilst driving at 190 miles an hour

 From Yahoo.com

A high-speed train driver in Taiwan has lost his job after being caught dozing off while travelling at nearly 300 kilometres (190 miles) an hour, media and officials said Monday.


The incident happened late last month when the train carrying hundreds of passengers was travelling on a stretch of line just south of Taichung city in the centre of the island, the Taipei-based  Daily newspaper reported.

"The driver had taken sleeping pills and was not fully conscious while on duty," Ted Chia, spokesman for the Taiwan High Speed Rail, told reporters.

Train controllers noticed that the driver did not appear to be touching the controls and immediately alerted the cabin crew, Chia said.

Using the train's automatic systems, they managed to take control of the train for about 13 minutes until it glided safely into Taichung station, according to the spokesman.

Taiwan's 345-kilometre (207-mile) high-speed system links the capital Taipei in the north with Kaohsiung city in the south using Japanese bullet-train technology.

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