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Mandelson - Crossrail is on the ballot paper


Labour’s Business Secretary Peter Mandelson today issued an eve-of-poll warning that the Conservatives’ failure to give a commitment to complete the Crossrail link is a sign to business leaders that David Cameron’s party does not understand the needs of the London economy. He said that only Labour is committed to Crossrail as part of its overall commitment to securing economic recovery and growth.

Peter Mandelson said: “The Tories’ failure to commit to Crossrail in this campaign is a warning sign to business that they do not understand what is needed to grow London’s economy.

“On Thursday, the future of Crossrail is on the ballot paper. Only Labour is committed to Crossrail as part of our bigger commitment to securing the recovery and investing in future growth and jobs for Londoners.”

The east-west Crossrail link will add ten per cent more rail and tube capacity for London by 2012. It will bring 1.5 million people within sixty minutes of London’s main business districts and will link the major centres of economic activity, jobs and opportunities with high speed services. It will mean 14,000 jobs during the peak of construction alone and will provide a £1.2 billion annual boost for London’s economy.

However the Conservatives have failed to match Labour’s manifesto commitment to complete Crossrail in their national manifesto. Shadow London Minister Justine has admitted that it is ‘possible’ that Crossrail may be cancelled under a Conservative government and says she cannot guarantee it will go ahead.

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