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Sacked Jarvis rail worker goes head to head with Ed Miliband in Doncaster North

RMT member, and sacked Jarvis rail worker, Bill Rawcliffe is creating a major political stir in Doncaster North where he is standing for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition against cabinet minister, and possible Labour leadership candidate, Ed Miliband.

Bill Rawcliffe, along with one of his sons, is one of 1400 former employees of Jarvis who have been facing a bleak future since the company collapsed in March.

Bill, a railway worker for over 30 years, comes from a trade union and socialist background.

Bill Rawcliffe said:

“It would have cost around £19 million to secure the jobs of the 1400 Jarvis workers – just compare that to the tens of billions that the politicians poured in to the banks to keep their jobs and bonuses safe.

“I am fighting to defend and extend public services and am giving the people of Doncaster North the chance to elect an MP who will fight for the interests of working people rather than the interests of the filthy rich.”

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said:

“Our union is delighted to be throwing its full support behind Bill Rawcliffe and other candidates like him who are taking on the political elite in their own back yard. As a sacked Jarvis worker Bill knows what working people are up against as they are told to carry the can for a bankers bail-out and a recession that they never voted for.

“With the £50 billion of cuts coming down the line after Thursday, and with the example being set by Greek workers today, politics in this country will never be the same again and we are at the starting point of building a real political, social and economic alternative to the slash-and-burn of the main parties and their big business supporters.”


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