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Welcome to the all new Rail Network website, boasting many new features which allows users to Create, Share and Explore the Rail Industry!


  • Create a personal and professional profile and make rail contacts
  • Vacancy List - Search rail specific job vacancies with the all new vacancy list
  • Events - Create, Attend and Invite other users to Rail Events all over the country
  • Pictures and Albums - Upload pictures and share them with other users who can comment.
  • Create an join groups for discussions and similar interests
  • Start blogging on rail issues and share this content with other users
  • Create Polls relating to rail industry and vote on other users create polls
  • Forum - climb up the ranks of our new forum, the more posts the better ranking you will receive
  • Send Emails to other users Enter the chat room for a good old natter
  • Instant Messenger - when you have made new contacts within the website you are able to have private chats via the Instant messenger application found at the bottom of the screen (must be logged in)
  • RSS - subscribe to content and update of the website - you can even suggest and recommend your own RSS feeds for other users to subscribe to!

The Railway Network is not run to make profits. Apart from the website costs and limited administration expenses, the site is run for the benefit of the Railway as a whole.

  • We aim to work together as a body of professional railway men and women to improve our industry.
  • We provide a forum for the exchange of comment and ideas
  • We run events to allow networking
  • We provide information to assist our colleagues
  • We support those who are new to the industry and support them on their journey to understanding our culture!
  • We provide supplier information for procurement managers
  • We provide safety management CPD for safety professionals.
  • We run a central jobs exchange called "The Vacancy List".
  • We gather knowledge and experience from those who have worked for many years in this industry.

Chosen Charities

While all this is going on, we hope to raise a substantial amount for our chosen charities.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

The Railway Children

The Railway Children

The Railway Children works to end the abuse of children living on the streets.

The Railway Mission

The Railway Misson

The Railway Mission is a Christian society formed in 1881 to communicate the good news of the gospel to people working in the rail and associated industries.

We also hope to include a number of smaller charities - we'll keep you informed.